Early Access

My Supermarket

What can you expect from the game?

Here are some cool features!

Customize Your Supermarket

Purchase new objects and arrange them as you like—rotate, align, and more. Your supermarket, your rules. Choose from a catalog of items ranging from essential products to slot machines, frames, plants, and more.

Order Products

Order items and have them delivered to your store, where they'll be placed in your storage racks. Manage your warehouse inventory and restock items as needed.

Keep Shelves Filled

After delivery, it's your job to ensure shelves are adequately stocked to satisfy your customers. Remember, a happy customer is a returning customer.

Serve Your Customers

Manage your cash register and don't keep customers waiting too long, as this could make them unhappy.

Keep the Store Clean

Some customers throw trash on the ground, others have some dirty shoes. Try to keep your store as clean as possible, since customers don't tend to like dirty places.

Handle Different Events

Tackle various challenges, such as shoplifters or large groups of customers arriving by bus, eager to grab items from the shelves and be served quickly.

Unlock Products

Gain more reputation as you progress. Higher reputation means more products to choose from. Aim to maintain a positive reputation and account balance!

Play with Friends

How would you manage your supermarket when it gets too big? Friends! Invite your friends to the lobby and play together. Don't forget to punch each other ❤️